Jewelry Care

Our stretch bracelets are made with the strongest and extra thick elastic available. Unless you have an incident where the bracelet is exposed to sharp objects or gets pulled in an unusual manner, they should last forever. But if the worst happens and the bracelet breaks, we will fix for you at no cost.

We recommend that you don’t shower or swim with our jewelry.

To clean wash in lukewarm soap water and let air-dry on a towel. This will also restore the “matte” look of the Onyx and other matte gemstones, as the oils from the skin will make the beads shiny over time.

email us for any questions.

Jewelry Sizes

Even if our bracelets are the “one size fits all stretchy kind”, we want you to have the perfect size for your wrist. All bracelets are available in Small, Medium and Large.

Measure the size of your wrist and see which fits you best. We also make custom sizes at no extra charge, just email us at

Women’s Sizes:
Small: 6.5 inch / 16.5 cm
Medium: 7.3 inch / 17.7 cm
Large: 7.8 inch / 20 cm

Men’s Sizes:
Small: 8.5 inch / 21.5 cm
Medium: 8 inch / 20.5 cm
Large: 7.5 inch / 19 cm

email us for any questions.