Prince & Bowery embraces individuality, rockʼn roll and the free spirit.

Our collections are inspired by the the clashes of culture, fashion, art and music happening in the streets of New York.We design for any woman who wants to have fun and be creative while expressing their own unique style.

Your Story

Jewelry is be a fun way to dress up your day. Let our jewelry define your personal style! Prince & Bowery pieces are precious enough to treasure and keep forever, yet affordable and easy to wear everyday.


The power and tradition of gemstones goes back thousands of years. The Egyptians would wear Onyx for protection, Pearls symbolize faith and purity, Agates helps ground and balance your emotions. 

Quality is in details.

Prince & Bowery is easy to wear, just pull it on and off, no tricky clasps…

Each Prince & Bowery piece is hand-made and quality controlled before being shipped out to you. All the jewelry is made in Manhattan from semi-precious gemstones, silver, gold, bronze and the finest crystals.

Chelsea Gold $38